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Download Xtream UI R20 EArly Access

Don’t Mention These Bugs: CPU 100% or high memory usage – Nothing to do with Xtream UI, ffmpeg or php or something is using all your resources for some reason. Many connections from an account with 1 connection – Again not handled by Xtream UI, this is an XC bug and I don’t know what

Download Xtream UI R19 – Early Access

Changelog: Redone M3U import for streams, should be better now! Should work for those who it didn’t work for before. Added M3U Import / Folder Import for Movies. Scans TMDb in the background using a cronjob. Added re-process TMDb to Mass Edit. Fixed mass delete of episodes. Added notes to Streams, Movies and Episodes page.

Download Xtream UI R18C Last Release

Changelog: Ability to send MAG events from the MAGs page. New transcode profile generator with all options available. Added per-user Package Override options, edit the reseller to see these options. Streams page changed slightly, a bit clearer (added timeshift icon, icons for status and moved current source). Added option in Settings to change from normal

Download Xtream UI R18 & Xtream UI R18A

BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS: This is an early access release, it’s not for everyone to use. You should download this if you’re having issues with a previous release or want to test R18 before it’s properly released. Any bugs you find can be posted here and will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming official release. Hey

Download Xtream UI R18 Full Release

I’m going to slow down the releases a little to take more time to test things as more and more people are starting to use this now. Next release will be new features, followed by a bugfix release, I’ll try to stay in that order so more features, bugfixes, more features, etc… I apologise if

Download Xtream UI R17 Full Release

Hey everyone, Sorry for the time taken for a new release, I really wanted to just go through everything and take a look at things.. I’ve fixed a bunch of things, I’ve tried to replicate some user errors and some have been fixed, others I just cannot replicate withe the information provided. I’ve made a

Download Xtream UI Release 15 Official

Another small release as I’ve been busy with real life stuff! Changelog: Bouquet re-order page has been remade, now allows multiple select and easier movement. Had many requests… Movie encoding errors are now displayed when editing a movie with a red triangle. Added stream source and player to stream edit page. Added player to movie

Download Xtream UI Release 16 official

Hi all, only one addition today. Fingerprint system. Next release will focus on bug fixes and small changes as I haven’t had time to do this as I’m constantly integrating new features. So R17 is definitely a big bug fix release and I’ll be scouring the forum for bugs to fix. In all honesty, only