Download & Install xtream codes v1.0.6 Nulled (Unlimited Load balancers)

Download & Install xtream codes v1.6 with out problems, 100% Working

in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to download & install xtreamcodes v1.0.6 on your vps or dedicated server.

Requirement :

  • VPS or Dedicated server
  • Ubuntu 14.0.4 64Bits or Debian 7

Step 1 :

On your VPS or Dedicated server run this commands :

This Script will Download all packages & download xtreamcodes and run full auto installation


Your license key is bubi1 .

When the popup for Apache2 or Lightpad for web server, choose Apache2 with space key and hit enter.

Choose “NO” on the PHPMyAdmin configure database popup.

Choose “YES” on the IPV4 popup.

Choose “YES” on the IPV6 popup.

Use port 8888 or 8000 for it to work.

Enter in any admin password and MySQL password. Make sure to remember them.

To enter your panel Go to

http://youriptv:8000 or 8888

Enjoy your Xtreamcodes panel Now !


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