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Hey everyone,
Sorry for the time taken for a new release, I really wanted to just go through everything and take a look at things.. I’ve fixed a bunch of things, I’ve tried to replicate some user errors and some have been fixed, others I just cannot replicate withe the information provided. I’ve made a bunch of changes, it should just be better overall with some quality of life improvements.

I’m going to slow down the releases a little to take more time to test things as more and more people are starting to use this now. Next release will be new features, followed by a bugfix release, I’ll try to stay in that order so more features, bugfixes, more features, etc…

I apologise if doing this introduced more bugs! It’s hard for me to find everything because I don’t run a Live TV service so my entire panel is demo data and free to air Big Buck Bunny HLS streams.

So I’ve decided to upload this as an early access release, for people to use to test if there are any glaringly obvious bugs that will stop this functioning for the masses if installed. Like inability to add something, or inability to edit a stream etc. If you find a bug like this let me know and I’ll fix it, then re-release to the masses as R17 official tomorrow. For now, if you don’t want the uncertainty, wait until tomorrow!


  • Added Start All, Stop All, Restart XC Services buttons to Servers.


  • Implemented advanced cookie-based state saving on tables to remember position and filters.


  • Included optional process monitor to shut down runaway processes. More info tomorrow on how to set up.


  • Added new login checks on each page load to ensure data isn’t displayed to the wrong people.


  • Disabled opcache so cache issues should disappear, fixes many issues.


  • Notes now display in tables for Users, Devices and Resellers.


  • Fixed resellers being able to see basic stream information without authorisation.


  • Tables react better to screen size changes, more dynamic.


  • Refined restart stream script.


  • Changed API to run at localhost level, should fix API problems some people have.


  • Fixed show username on fingerprint. Previously displaying blank.


  • Fixed M3U import for #EXTINF:0 entries, and invalid EPG ID’s.


  • Fixed sorting on streams page (sort by server was bugged).


  • Interactive stream mapping added to Streams page. You can now select individual maps.


  • Fixed missing tv_archive directory on load balancers on new installs.


  • Implemented allowed IP Addresses and User-Agents in users page.


  • Implemented IP and User-Agent blocking in settings dropdown. Edits iptables.


  • Clear logs between certain dates, worth deleting your activity logs to speed things up.


  • Error checking implemented on each page.


  • Firmed up security throughout, SQL statements reinforced.


  • Added FPS and Speed to streams page.


  • Refactored streams / movies page for resellers who are allowed to view it.


  • Added MAG and Enigma filters in mass edit / mass delete.


  • Stream names are now unique, you can import from M3U and it’ll only import what’s missing.


  • Session management is now done by Xtream UI, will timeout if not in use for 60 minutes. Edit session.php to change.


  • Refactored code on basically every page, increased security throughout, lots of little fixes.


  • Filter clear button on pages with tables. Click the orange filter icon to clear everything as it will remember your choices.


  • Fixed multiple permission issues to ensure resellers can’t use any API features they shouldn’t have access to.


  • Changed bouquet selection for users to be more interactive in User / Package page.


  • Killed connections will be allowed to expire from Live Connections list once it has been killed rather than the entry removed immediately.


  • Auto-generated passwords for registered users. Generated as a placeholder that can be changed rather than on submission.


  • Forgot the other stuff…

TO download Please go IPTV FORUM

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