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Ability to send MAG events from the MAGs page.
New transcode profile generator with all options available.
Added per-user Package Override options, edit the reseller to see these options.
Streams page changed slightly, a bit clearer (added timeshift icon, icons for status and moved current source).
Added option in Settings to change from normal API to localhost API. Tick this box if you’re having issues with API.
Fixed M3U import issues with 17B.
Fixed MAG search for lowercase MAC addresses.
Username is now non-changeable for resellers who can’t change passwords.
Unblocking IP’s now unblocks from load balancers too.
Added restart on edit / start on creation to Movies and Streams.
Revamped dashboard, all servers visible in overview.
Added stream tools to allow you to tranfers DNS or move streams from server to server.
If Download Images is ticked in settings, stream icons are now downloaded too. Fixed edit redownloading images.
Added RTMP IP’s for RTMP push. In settings dropdown.
Ability to delete 2 factor auth credentials for a user incase they forget their code.
More settings added, persistent connections.
Returns to location after login timeout due to inactivity.
Combined stream categories to cover Streams, Movies & Series.
Numerous bugfixes.
UPDATE – 18A (11/11/2019 14:50):
Added Manual Channel Ordering – in settings dropdown.
Changed Bouquet order again, now simpler and maybe quicker.
Fix setting for localhost API.
Added download button to Backups page in Settings.
Removed requirement for owner on users for admins only. Fixes legacy problems.
Add another setting to allow changing usernames for resellers.
Changed stream check to check for URL instead of name on M3U import.
UPDATE- 18B (13/11/2019 23:30):
Added series & episodes.
Added season ordering.
Added mass delete series & episodes.
Added mass edit series & episodes.
Fixed stream tools DNS replacement.
Fixed reseller override issues.
Replaced TMDb module with better version.
Fixed player for VOD.
Fixed mass delete not deleting actual files.
Fixed only one IP / User Agent saving in restrictions.
Implemented Smarters Reseller API, courtesy of Smarters themselves.
– More information to come on this from Smarters, however check out the PHP file for api calls.
– To enable this for a Group, edit the Group and check the API switch.
– The reseller can generate their API key from their dashboard. … ion=ACTION
UPDATE- 18C (14/11/2019 20:10):
Added multiple episode import.
Added a bunch of new settings.
Fixed last modified date for series.

Still To Come (hopefully in this order):
Admin Permissions
Mass Edit Registered Users
M3U Import / Folder Import for Movies & Series
Folder Watching
Created Channels
Sonarr / Radarr / Plex Integration

Download Xtream UI R18C

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