Download Xtream UI R20 EArly Access

Don’t Mention These Bugs:

  • CPU 100% or high memory usage – Nothing to do with Xtream UI, ffmpeg or php or something is using all your resources for some reason.
  • Many connections from an account with 1 connection – Again not handled by Xtream UI, this is an XC bug and I don’t know what causes it.
  • Transcoding taking a long time – Another thing absolutely not handled by Xtream UI.

Changelog (Early Release):

  • Added a separate option to Created Channels to allow you to select VOD directly from a server instead of manually finding it.
  • Added Radio.
  • Added a button to flush iptables and remove all IP bans.
  • Added Portuguese – Brazil to TMDb languages.
  • Native Frames off by default now for VOD.

Download Xtream UI R20

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