xtream UI Rebuild from xtreamcodes v2 Beta Release (20-10-2019)


Here is a good news its Xtream UI a new rebuild from xtreamcodes v2, which is open source and its a great new for all iptv providers. TO day I’m going to show you this new beta, that you can download install and test it.

Github project : https://github.com/xtreamui/XtreamUI
Official Url : http://xtream-ui.com/
Donation to xtream ui : https://xtream-ui.com/
DiscordChannel : https://discord.gg/BsSZh2M

Requirement : 

  • Good VPS or Dedicated Server
  • Ubuntu 16 or Ubuntu 18

Download & install :

  • sudo apt-get install python
  • sudo wget https://xtreamcodes.org/install/install.py
  • sudo python install.py

If you want a whole NEW installation, choose MAIN and then ADMIN.
If you want ONLY the admin part, select ADMIN only.

How to Dump & Backup your Old database : 

  • Run as root: mysqldump xtream_iptvpro > xtcdump.sql

How to restore your old database on new server : 

  • Upload xtcdump.sql to your new server (It’s OK to use /root)
  • Run as root: mysql xtream_iptvpro < /root/xtcdump.sql

If your Root or Admin User is not working after importing your Database please follow this steps :

Using SSH run mysql by typing : mysql

then update your mysql password & login to admin/admin : 

Now type: UPDATE xtream_iptvpro.reg_users SETpassword=’$6$rounds=20000$xtreamcodes$XThC5OwfuS0YwS4ahiifzF14vkGbGsFF1w7ETL4sRRC5sOrAWCjWvQJDromZUQoQuwbAXAFdX3h3Cp3vqulpS0’WHERE id=’1′;UPDATE xtream_iptvpro.reg_users SET username = ‘admin’ WHERE id = ‘1’;UPDATE xtream_iptvpro.reg_users SET member_group_id = ‘1’ WHERE id =’1′;

Now login as admin with password admin


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